Awesome Dens

Hi! I’m back. I’m also going to tell you SOME of the awesome dens I know of. Mine, of course, isn’t EPIC, but it’s kinda cool. Be sure to visit sometime soon. Another pretty cool den I know of is a girl’s den. Her username is sunflake1. Her den is super cool. Another amazing den I know of is marigold55’s den. You have probably read her blog. Please be sure to visit one of her thousand dens soon. Of course, you can click on the ‘Epic Dens” button on the map, so ADIOS, jammers!


River Race

River Race is an abandoned game from Animal Jam. The picture is a person whom I do not know playing River Race. River Race was banned from Animal Jam in 2013. ┬áIt was banned from Animal Jam for a reason. Once Splash N’ Dash came into hand, the Animal Jam makers probably decided to get rid of River Race. River Race is very rare, but some members have it in their den. The dens you can find River Race in are listed below:






And More! Make sure to visit my den. I DO NOT have River Race in my den, though. Thx for reading, jammers

River Race 3